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June 26-29, July 1, July 2, July 3-6, July 8 & July 9

Enjoy one the greatest adventures of your life at Real Camp Skånes Djurpark (Zoo)!

Together with your new friends you will not only get the opportunity to get REAL CLOSE to the inhabitants of Skånes Zoo, but also solve mysteries and be as adventurous as you like! We have loads of adventures planned for you!

Real Camp is held over a period of four weeks in the upcoming summer of 2017 – Choose between different starting dates for your camp!

Our modern tent basecamp is located inside Skånes Zoo surrounded by a stunning beech forest.

Join us, make friends, learn stuff and have fun!
Welcome to Real Camp Summer 2017!

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Be part of this summer´s greatest Adventure!

Deep inside of Skånes Zoo in the wild, you will find our basecamp.

This is where your adventure starts! You will experience and explore the zoo and its inhabitants of Skånes Zoo. The camp fire will function as kitchen and you will sleep comfortably in our tipis or why not under the stars if the weather allows it.

High paced days awaits you and lots of thrilling activities where you are given the chance to challenge yourself. Solve witty puzzles along with your camp friends, improve your survival skills and try some of our other activities such as climbing, kayak, bow and arrow and our exotic night adventure in Skånes Zoo.

Secure your spot today! Welcome to Basecamp!

Some of the activites:

Survival and wildlife activities
Night adventure at the park
Water activities and raft contstruction
Animal knowledge and animal care activities
Visit the zoo's inhabitants
Plus many other activites…
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about Skånes Djurpark (Zoo)



Skåne Djurpark (Zoo) is the world’s largest animal park hosting Nordic animals. The animal park is located in the middle of Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden, on a surface of 100 hectares. An animal park filled with animals, nature and adventures!

In Skånes Djurpark (Zoo) lives more than 75 different animal species! You can find bears, moose, wolves, lynx, the golden eagle, wolverines and a wide range of other wild animals. In Skånes Djurpark (Zoo) you can also encounter with tame animals like pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits.

Explore the park and learn more about Nordic animals together with our engaging and knowledgeable animal keepers.

There is always something to explore in the wilderness, every day is an adventure!

You can read more on www.skanesdjurpark.se

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This is what you get:

  • A spot in Real Camp Skånes Djurpark
  • Resident in our big modern tent at basecamp
  • Full board
  • All activities
  • Free transfer from Höör Central station


4500 Swedish krona pp.

Packing list

We recommend you to take the listed items below with you to the camp.
You can print the packing list using the button below.

Backpack 35-45 litre

Change of clothes

Cup to eat out of


Extra shoes





Impregnated boots

Necessary medicine


Reinforced clothing (wind proof)

Sleeping bag



Warm underwear

Water bottle

Tip! Use your boots before the camp to avoid sore feet!

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Know how´s

Real Camp Skånes Djurpark

Real Camp Skånes Zoo is a unique, international adventure camp situated in and around Skånes Zoo and its stunning surroundings. Real Camp aims at youth between 11-14yrs with an interest for adventure, nature and animals. Real Camp offers a unique adventure experience – an opportunity for the participant to challenge him- or herself and connect to nature in an exciting way.

Take the chance to make new friends and be part of the creation, discovery and experience of Real Skånes Djurpark!


All activities are disposed in and around Skånes Zoo. Real Camp offers a range of activities for the participant, such as: • Animal care • All day adventure activities in the park and direct surroundings • various team activities • Night adventure @ the park • climbing • Extensive activities programme. Our camp staff and relevant outsourced staff secure all activities.


Camp members will stay together with our staff at our basecamp. It is from here we start our days as well as where we share stories around the campfire each night. In order to maintain security there are designated night personnel at the basecamp at all times.


All meals are included and sent out to our basecamp. Some meals come prepared while others are cooked at site as part of the programme.


All participants are insured via Lärande Partner AB.

Family Activities

Skånes Zoo offers a wide range of activities for the family. Please see www.skanesdjurpark.se for further information.

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My name is Fredrik and I’m responsible for Real Camp Skånes Djurpark (Zoo).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the camp and all around it!

Phone: +46 (0)11-440 93 81
E-mail: info@realcamp.se

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