Adventure – awareness – insight – reflection

Real Camp is an international adventure camp for youth between 11-14 years. The main focus of the camp is to stimulate and increase the participants’ knowledge of nature and its inhabitants – the animals. Real Camp rises in a fun and challenging way, awareness to sustainability, wildlife, entrepreneurship, ethology and ecology.

*The science of animal behavior
**The science of the living beings’ relationship to their environment

The learning concept

We believe that education and the business world can achieve more if they understand each other better. Real Camp created a patronising form of cooperation, for those with employment and those seeking it.

Real Camp is partly an educational module developed by Lärande Partner i Östergötland AB in collaboration with Realgymnasiet. The concept leans upon cooperation between education and the business world in a new innovated way. Each camp is created together with an external partner, stipulated in the name of the specific camp. The camps programme can vary from camp to camp.

Students, teachers and staff from established partners are all involved in developing Real Camp as well as the pedagogic work.

With wildlife in common Real Camp connects Realgymnasiet and the business world. The pupils are given the opportunity to work with real assignments, partners can capacitate employees and participants experience a once in a lifetime adventure!



Read more about Realgymnasiet and their educations.

About Lärande Partner AB

Lärande Partner AB (LP) is owned by Lärande Förvaltning AB that owns Lärande i Sverige AB (LiS). LiS manage and develop Realgymnasiet and primary school concept Erlaskolan.

LP was founded in 2014 and its mission is to closer the space between education and businesses. One example is Real Camp, an educational concept; another is to provide various certificates demanded by businesses.


We consciously search to find the right partners, for hosting future Real Camps, who share our motto and vision to create Sweden´s best international adventure camp for young people.